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We are surprised how few people know about the power of matcha.

That's why we've made it our mission to spread the word about matcha and what we know about it.

We want people to benefit from the health benefits and energy of the highest quality matcha. We also want to protect them from the disadvantages of coffee, energy drinks and co. Because a healthy body makes for a healthy mind and a healthy planet.

To achieve this, we are working to sell Koyocha Matcha internationally, both online and in stores. We want Koyocha Matcha to be as commonplace in the home or office as a coffee maker, because Koyocha Matcha is more than just tea to us. It is positive energy that the body absorbs, heals it and does it good.

When you drink it, you immediately notice how your mood improves and how your body thanks you.

Healthy greetings

Andrea and Nico


When we tried our first matcha tea, we were not exactly thrilled.

The problem was we were drinking poor quality.

We also didn't like coffee, energy drinks or workout boosters.

Coffee makes us nervous and then leads to a crash. Energy drinks and co are often full of chemicals and also often have no pleasant effect or after-effect.

One day we found out what a huge difference in quality there is between the different Matcha teas and since we drank high quality Matcha, we were immediately in love and drink about 3 cups each day.

This brought us to our vision.