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Frequently asked questions

Where does Koyocha Matcha come from?
Koyocha Matcha is cultivated in Kyushu, Kagoshima Japan - an island known for its volcanic soil and rich vegetation. These optimum conditions are responsible for the successful cultivation of matcha tea in Kagoshima for about 700 years.

Is Koyocha Matcha organic and vegan? 

Yes, all teas are 100% organic, vegan and awesome. 

How much is contained in the package? 

Each tin contains 30 grams of organic matcha powder.

What is the difference between the various teas?

The difference in quality results from the fact that for the best Matcha only the topmost and most tender shoots of the first plucking are used.

Will drinking Koyocha Matcha make me healthier/stronger/better?

Probably! This is the original drink of the Japanese elite and the ancient Samurai (aka real-life ninjas). They used it to stay focused, energized and calm, and it will do the same for you. 

Is it possible to drink TOO much matcha?

Matcha is safe for everyday use. However Matcha contains caffeine, and although it is a cleaner version than what coffee gives you, you still want to limit your daily intake. ​

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