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11 Matcha Tea Health Benefits

Matcha has been used in Japan for more than 800 years as part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony Tradition that has four core principles: Harmony (wa), Respect (kei), Purity (sei) and Tranquility (jaku).

Besides the spiritual and ceremonial role matcha tea has several powerful and essential health benefits. If you want to vastly improve your physical and mental health this article is for you!

Health Benefits:

1. Energy Matcha tea, unlike coffee, gives you a slow and steady release of energy throughout the day. Its high caffeine content will keep you wake, alert and energetic without causing heart palpitations, stress or a caffeine crash.

2. Focus & Brain Function Boost The combination of Caffeine and high concentrations of L-theanine may boost focus, attention and brain function through the increase of alertness and energy.

3. Anti- Aging Ageing is accelerated through oxidative stress thus the high concentration of antioxidants (called catechins) in matcha tea may help to slow down the ageing process making us look and feel younger and healthier.

4. Protection from Cancer Several studies (1,2) have shown that the antioxidants in matcha tea may have cancer preventing and protective effects for specific cancers. The daily consumption of matcha may have a significant impact on cancer prevention and overall health.

5. Cardiovascular Health Matcha tea has cholesterol lowering effects which may help improve cardiovascular health. Our modern way of life has led to a huge increase of cardiovascular disease. Consuming matcha daily can help us live longer with healthier and stronger hearts.

6. Stress and anxiety relief

Studies have shown that matcha can also help reduce stress and anxiety due to its Theanine content. Along with diet and exercise the addition of matcha to your daily routine may greatly improve your overall mood and lower stress levels.

7. Aphrodisiac Good news! Matcha can also help improve your libido. It has powerful aphrodisiac effects!

8. Weight loss Many weight loss supplements and remedies include green tea extract. It has been shown that green tea can greatly aid in our body’s ability to burn more calories. Along with a healthy diet and daily exercise matcha can boost weight loss and help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

9. Improved Immunity After going through a long and difficult pandemic, it's a relief to know that matcha can also help us improve our immunity and natural defences against viruses. Thanks to a polyphenol that matcha contains (EGCG), it has been shown to have protective effects against coronaviruses (covid, flu etc).

10. Liver Protection and Detox Our livers are responsible for removing toxins from our body. Matcha has been shown to protect the liver from damage and liver disease.

11. Prevention of diabetes Matcha tea has been shown to have an effect on blood sugar levels. Along with its cholesterol lowering effect it may help prevent diabetes or greatly improve its symptoms.

Conclusion: If all these benefits were not enough to convince you to make matcha part of your daily routine, then maybe the huge variety of different recipes will! Matcha tea powder is such a versatile ingredient. It can be used in so many ways to create delicious and healthy drinks, desserts and even savoury dishes.

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What do you think? Will you give matcha tea a try? Shop for Matcha Tea Thank you for reading! Share this article with your friends and family!

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