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A brief history of Matcha

The history of Matcha begins in China in the era of the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). During that time the Chinese people would steam tea leaves and form tea bricks so they would be able to storage them and also easily trade them with other regions.

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During the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) a new method became popular, the one that we are familiar with. They steamed the leaves and then turn them into powder. This is how matcha was first created.

Preparation and consumption of powdered tea was formed into a ritual by Zen Buddhists, who cultivated the green tea plant, called "sencha", by growing it under shade conditions thus maximizing the therapeutic benefits of the green tea, or what became known as “Matcha”.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony began in 12th Century by the Buddhist Monk Eisai who first introduced matcha tea to Japan. The ceremony was used in religious rituals in Buddhist monasteries.

With the Japanese Tea Ceremony matcha became very popular and a standard daily practice for Japanese people. Today matcha is well known around the world as a miracle green tea powder with several health benefits and an exquisite flavour profile.

With is vast versatility, there are so many different ways to enjoy matcha tea. Its creamy and earthy flavour pairs very well with drinks, desserts and savoury dishes.

Check out our recipes here and the many health benefits of Matcha Tea here.

What do you think? Will you give matcha a try?

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