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Boost Brain Function with Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea Powder contains a variety of active ingredients beneficial to our physical and mental health, such as tea catechins, lutein and vitamin K. It is

also known that these ingredients have great benefits on cognitive functions for healthy adults and the elderly.

Matcha has been proven to have several health benefits. One of which is the ability to boost cognitive function. Just a cup per day can significantly improve alertness, reflexes, energy levels, memory, performance and focus while at the same time promote relaxation and stress relief.

Matcha is characterised as a “nootropic” substance which means that it is a substance that can improve mental performance.

There are 5 characteristics that matcha has, which classify it as a “nootropic” substance.

  1. It can enhance learning and memory

  2. It can make the mind harder to disrupt

  3. It can protect the brain against both physical and chemical damage

  4. It can improve the efficiency of brain control mechanisms

  5. It doesn’t possess any side effects or toxicity

The main compounds that offer this brain function boost in matcha are: Caffeine, L-Theanine and EGCG.

Matcha is truly a superfood and you should take full advantage of its health and performance benefits! As a bonus its delicious and so varsity as you can use it in various sweet and savoury recipes!

What do you think? Will you give matcha a try?

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