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Can matcha improve ADHD?

ADHD is seen as a neurological disorder that has become more and more prevalent among people of all ages the past few years. The lack of focus, stress and restlessness, the sleep problems and anger issues caused by ADHD can disrupt your life and cause some difficulties in school, work and your home life.

Thankfully there are some alternative solutions to medicine that can really benefit many people suffering from this disorder.

Matcha can be a very effective treatment, through its L-Theanine content. L- Thiamine can directly have an impact on ADHD symptoms since it has been proven to help with:

  • Increasing learning and concentration

  • Calming the mind while improving focus

  • Promoting restful and deep sleep

  • increases alpha waves in the brain and promotes calmness and alert concentration

Matcha has long been used for its ability to improve focus by Japanese Zen monks who noticed that if they drunk matcha before meditation they were able to stay focus and calm a lot longer.

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Disclaimer: Always consult with a Medical Professional if you suffer from a mental or physical health condition.

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