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“First Harvest” and its importance

What is the “First harvest”?

The “First Harvest” refers to the first time in the year when tea is being picked. The first harvest is the most important one as it produces the best quality of tea. It is done in a two week period.

After the first harvest, the tea plants can be harvested many more times to produce various qualities of tea from good quality to a lower quality used for cooking and baking.

The tea leaves harvested within the “first harvest” period contain the most antioxidants, have the best amino acid profile, have a bright green colour and produce the best quality matcha tea with a sweeter and deep umami flavour.

How can you choose what quality you need?

The way that you intent to use the matcha powder will determine which quality you will need.

1. If you usually drink lattes or smoothies then the premium quality is great for that use. The addition of other ingredients in your drink will mask the full flavour profile of the matcha.

2. If you want to enjoy matcha on its own then the super premium quality is a must. When you consume matcha without adding any other ingredients you will taste its full flavour profile thus it needs to be the best as to avoid any bitterness.

3. If you want to put matcha into recipes then the super deal is the best for you (even though it is not a culinary type, it is suitable for recipes). The super deal is a great option for beginners who want to try matcha for the first time and also experiment with it in different recipes.

Ready to begin your matcha journey?

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