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Immunity Boost with Matcha

The winter season is so magical and calm, unfortunately it is also a time when we get most infected by viruses and have to deal with flu symptoms.

Luckily matcha tea comes to the rescue! Matcha Tea can help boost your immunity in various ways and help you fight off diseases and infections more efficiently.

Drinking matcha tea daily can have various physical and mental health benefits. Here we will go in-depth on how it can

help us prevent viral infections or ease our symptoms and recover faster.

Matcha tea can improve your immunity in 6 ways:

1.Immunity against viruses

Matcha can boost our natural defences through its EGCG content which has been proven to inhibit the activity of coronaviruses.

2.Boosting the immune system

EGCG helps our body produce more T-cells which are the body’s defences against pathogens


Boosting our liver function of eliminating toxins in our blood

4.Improving our respiratory health

The caffeine content of matcha has been shown to have very positive effects in asthma patients

and can help to overall boost our respiratory function and defence.


Reducing inflammation in our body through its antioxidant and chlorophyll content.

6.Blood pressure control

Keeping our blood pressure stable. High blood pressure can severely compromise our immunity thus keeping it in check can help us fight off infections and diseases much more effectively.

Matcha is truly a superfood and you should take full advantage of its health and performance benefits! As a bonus its delicious and so versatile as you can use it in various sweet and savoury recipes!

What do you think? Will you give matcha a try?

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