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Kagoshima a wonder of nature

Kagoshima is characterised by its volcanic and subtropical climate as well as its unique natural ecosystem full of rich vegetation and deep forests.

Sakurajima is a large active volcano in Kagoshima and has become a symbol. It erupts often and sometimes the volcanic ash spreads in the area. It is however safe to visit during the non-active days of the volcano and there are around 5000 inhabitants on the island.

The soil in Kagoshima is high in volcanic ash which makes it very fertile and in combination with the sub-tropical climate and high rainfall creates the perfect conditions for cultivating high quality matcha tea.

Kagoshima has stunning camphor tree forests, bamboo thickets and mangroves that create an idyllic natural environment that anyone would love to experience.

Camphor Tree

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Bamboo thickets

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What do you think? Will you be visiting Kagoshima?

For now you can enjoy the highest quality of matcha tea produced in the area!

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