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Kagoshima - Kyushu Island

Kagoshima is the largest city in the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan that is located in the island of Kyushu. The area has a subtropical climate which makes it ideal for tea cultivation. Kagoshima is an important centre for matcha production and innovation in the field as farmers are open minded and experiment with different techniques and methods.


The soil in Kagoshima is high in volcanic ash which makes it very fertile and in combination with the sub-tropical climate and high rainfall creates the perfect conditions for cultivating high quality tea.

The matcha tea coming from Kagoshima is certified organic and single origin, insuring that we receive the highest quality of matcha.


Koyocha is also sourced from matcha produced in Kagoshima. We wanted to offer the highest quality of matcha in its purest form that’s why we chose Kagoshima certified organic and single origin.

Ready to experience the best quality Matcha?

Check out our articles with more details on matcha grades here and the health benefits of matcha here.

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