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Matcha: Grades, Taste and Quality

As you might have noticed by now that not all matcha is created equal.

How can you tell the difference and how can you determine which one is the best for you?

We have created this guide to help you understand the different grades of matcha tea and which one is used in each occasion or recipe.

All matcha powder comes from the same plant, called Camellia sinensis (Green tea plant). However, depending on when the tea leaves are harvested, the area of origin, how they are processed, and which part of the leaves are used the quality will vary greatly.

There are 3 main types of Matcha tea:

1.Ceremonial 2.Premium 3.Culinary

Ceremonial matcha is the best quality out of all the types. The tea leaves are harvested in spring. The leaves are grown in the shade which makes them darker and richer in flavour. The result is a really high quality matcha tea that has a rich, smooth and creamy flavour. It is easy to distinguish as it has the darkest and more intense green color.

Premium matcha is harvested during the summer, the leaves are given more time to grow and are exposed to the sun longer. It is not the same as ceremonial matcha but it still has a rich flavour, deep green color and smooth taste.

Culinary matcha is harvested last and it is best used for recipes. The color is a lighter green and it has a more mild flavour. It still has antioxidant power and it is usually much more affordable.

There are more than 3 grades of matcha as you can see from the image above. Each grade on the spectrum varies in taste, quality and nutrition.

If the matcha is bitter, too light in color or smells grassy is probably a very low quality matcha.

Here at Koyocha we offer 3 types of Matcha:

1.Super Premium Matcha 2.Premium Matcha 3.The Super Deal

Koyocha Super Premium Matcha

Quality level: High Quality Ceremonial, especially rare and of high quality, organic

Taste: Mild, sweet, very gentle taste

Characteristics: Exquisite quality, recommended for pure enjoyment.

Ideal for: Koicha (strong, thick Matcha), Traditional Matcha, etc.

Koyocha Premium Matcha

Quality level: Ceremonial quality, ground in stone mills, organic

Taste: Fine roasted flavor

Characteristics: With the amino acid L-theanine and caffeine, for longer periods of concentration.

Ideal for: Traditional Matcha, Iced Matcha, etc.

The Super Deal

Quality level: Ceremonial quality, ground in stone mills, organic

Taste: Mildly sweet, fruity in taste

Characteristics: Perfect for Matcha beginners.

Ideal for: Traditional Matcha, Latte, Smoothies, etc.

We don't offer culinary grade yet but feel free to use any matcha for cooking.

We make sure that Koyocha has the best quality of Matcha.

With each grade you will get an amazing experience and top nutritional value.

Thank you for reading! Share this article with your friends and family!

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