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Matcha Powder Tea vs Loose Leaf Green Tea

You must be wondering why is matcha better than the classic loose leaf green tea or tea bags. Are they the same? Which one should we prefer and why?

While matcha tea and loose leaf green tea come from the same plant (camellia sinensis) they have many differences in terms of production and processing, texture, flavour, nutrition, caffeine and antioxidant levels.

Production & Processing of Matcha vs Green Tea

The main difference in the production of matcha and loose leaf green tea is that matcha tea plants are grown in the shade while green tea is grown in direct sunlight. Growing in the shade gives the tea leaves a darker color, richer flavour and higher amino acid content.

For green tea the whole stem of the plant is harvested while for matcha only the young leaves at the very top of the plant are used.

The processing of the leaves also differs. For the green tea the leaves are pan-fired and steamed to prevent oxidation and for matcha the leaves are steamed and the ground into a fine powder.

Preparation and Flavour

The two teas are prepared very differently. Green tea is infused in a pot or cup while matcha is whisked in a bowl with a bamboo whisk.

The flavour of green tea can be fruity, grassy and watery while matcha is more smooth, creamy and has a rich umami taste.

Antioxidants and caffeine content

While both types of tea have high antioxidant content and caffeine, matcha has higher levels of antioxidants due to the way of producing and processing the leaves as well as a higher caffeine content.

Overall the production, processing and preparation of matcha gives it a clear advantage over loose leaf green tea in terms of nutrition, antioxidants, caffeine level and flavour.

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