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Matcha Vs Coffee

Matcha tea has long been promoted as a better alternative to coffee. There are many benefits to replacing your daily coffee with matcha tea and avoiding all the negative side effects of drinking coffee.

Benefits of matcha tea vs coffee

1.Energy Levels

Matcha tea has a lower content of caffeine that is slowly released throughout the day giving you a steady and long lasting source of energy. While drinking coffee will give you 2-3 hours of energy boost, matcha tea will give you 4-5 hours of alertness and focus. When the effects of coffee wear off, you usually experience a "caffeine crash” and you need to consume more caffeine to get through the day. Matcha tea does not have that affect on your body.

2.Bad Breath

Usually after drinking coffee we develop coffee breath which can be embarrassing and unpleasant to the people around us.

Matcha tea does not cause bad breath and actually helps with your overall dental health.

3.Skin Care

Matcha tea has a powerful effect on your skin and has long been used to treat skin conditions such as acne while coffee might make skin disorders worse.


Matcha tea is far superior than coffee in terms of antioxidants. The high content of Catechins, flavonoids, EGCG and polyphenols provide countless health benefits.

5.Alkaline vs Acidic

Matcha tea is alkaline while coffee is quite acidic. The acidity of coffee especially early in the morning when consumed before meals can cause stomach problems. The alkaline nature of matcha can help to sooth a sensitive stomach.

6.Dental health

Coffee can stain your teeth and also promote microbial development as well as cause bad breath. While matcha has an antimicrobial effect thus protecting your teeth from damage.


Matcha can provide slow release and long-lasting energy and focus without causing caffeine addiction and caffeine crash. Coffee becomes addictive as it releases caffeine too fast and can damage your adenosine receptors.

8.Added sugars

For many people the bitter taste of coffee forces them to add extra sugars in their beverage to make it easier to consume. Matcha on the other hand, has a very smooth, earthy and creamy flavour and can be consumed without the need for added sugars.


Matcha has a calming effect while offering alertness, energy and focus while coffee can cause jitters, anxiety and heart palpitations.

Warning: If you are addicted to coffee and wish to transition to drinking matcha tea you need to be careful and do it gradually. The withdrawal effects of coffee might be too serious and disruptive if you suddenly stop consuming it.

For better results, start by replacing one cup of coffee a day with matcha and slowly transition to only consuming matcha tea in a span of 2 months.

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