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The Island of Matcha - Kyushu Japan

Kyushu is one of the leading tea producers in Japan, 36% of matcha tea is produced in there as it has the perfect conditions for its cultivation. The volcanic land, soil and the islands climate are essential to growing high quality matcha tea.

The cultivation of Matcha Tea in Japan started in the 9th century by a Buddhist Priest named Eisai who first planted camellia sinensis in the Sefuri Mountains in Kyushu.

Kyushu has a very unique soil that contributes to the quality and taste of the matcha tea that is produced in the area. The production techniques are also affecting the way the tea tastes and the variety of flavours and aromas. Kyushu produces high quality matcha tea with sweet notes and a smooth umami flavour. The plants that produce the tea are carefully bred and selected to insure that they produce the highest quality of matcha.

Koyocha Matcha is cultivated in Kyushu, Japan - an island known for its volcanic soil and rich vegetation. These optimum conditions are responsible for the successful cultivation of matcha tea in Kagoshima for about 700 years.

Enjoy the unique aroma and taste of Koyocha today!

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