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Upcycling Matcha Tins

“Upcycling” is the process of repurposing and reusing materials or objects, to create new and useful items. This practice has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to reduce waste and promote sustainable living.

One great example of upcycling is repurposing matcha tins, which can be transformed into a variety of different items with a little creativity and some basic supplies.
Here are a few ideas:


One popular way to upcycle matcha tins is to use them as planters for small succulent plants. To do this, simply clean the tin thoroughly, poke a few small holes in the bottom for drainage and fill the tin with a layer of gravel. Then add some potting soil and plant your succulent. These little tins make perfect miniature gardens!

2.Storage Container

Another great way to upcycle matcha tins, is to use them as storage containers for small items around the house such as office supplies or jewellery. Simply clean the tin and decorate the outside with paint, decoupage or other decorations.

3. Candle Holder

Matcha tins can also be used to make unique candle holders. Clean the tin and remove the label, then place a candle inside the tin and light it. If you don’t have a candle that fits perfectly, you can melt it down and create a new one using the tin as your mould.

4.Herbs & Spices Container

Another useful idea is to turn your Matcha tins into containers for your herbs and spices. Just clean the tin thoroughly, add a label and then fill it with a herb or spice that you often use. The tin is airtight so it will keep fresh anything you decide to store in it.

5. Pen holder

Finally, matcha tins can be used as a base for many DIY craft projects. For example, you can decorate the outside of the tin with paint or decoupage and use it as a pen holder for your office. You can even glue a few of them together to create separate pen holders for different types of pens or pencils.

Overall , matcha tins are a great material for up cycling as they are sturdy and versatile. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can turn a simple matcha tin into a beautiful and useful item.

So next time you finish your matcha, don’t throw away the tin, instead think about fun ways to repurpose it.

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