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5 female Celebrities who love Matcha

Celebrities have such hectic and stressful lifestyles and yet they always look youthful and energetic, could their secret be that they drink matcha?

Matcha can help you feel more energetic, look more youthful and feel mentally and physically healthier. It is perfect for anyone who has a busy and tiresome lifestyle.

Let’s see which celebrities enjoy matcha regularly!

Gigi Hadid - Image Source

Gigi seems to really enjoy Matcha and even sharing it with her friends and

coworkers. Gigi always looks very youthful and energetic even thought she has a very busy lifestyle!

Reese Witherspoon - Image Source

Reese Witherspoon is well known for following a very healthy diet and promoting a healthy lifestyle. She also enjoys matcha as she know how many health benefits it can offer.

Jessica Alba - Image Source

As a mother Jessica Alba needs the energy and focus that matcha tea can offer. She enjoys it regularly to take advantage of all its health benefits as well as enjoying its smooth and earthy flavour.

Kourtney Kardashian - Image Source

Kourtney Kardashian is a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She is vegan, gluten free and only eats organic. As she is so aware of the health benefits of matcha she enjoys it regularly.

Hillary Duff - Image Source

Hillary always has a very youthful and energetic look! She seems to really enjoy matcha tea Iced Lattes.

Many more celebrities endorse matcha and enjoy it daily while taking full advantage of its health benefits!

What do you think? Will you give matcha a try?

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