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Whisk Preparation

It is important to properly take care of your matcha whisk in order to make sure that it will last longer and prepare the best quality of matcha tea.

Before starting the preparation of your matcha tea it's recommended to soak it in hot water for around 5 minutes. This makes it softer and more flexible.

Using the matcha whisk is the best way to prepare matcha as it can dissolve the tea perfectly and create a wonderful and rich foam. It is used as part of the Japanese tea ceremony and it is the traditional way of preparing matcha. In Japan each whisk is made by hand so it can bend perfectly and provide the best whisking results.

After every use, gently rinse your whisk under running water to remove any leftover tea that might be on it.

And finally make sure to always store the whisk on the whisk holder so it can maintain its shape and avoid damages while in storage.

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