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Matcha is traditionally prepared using a whisk, bamboo scoop, sifter, matcha bowl and hot water heated to approximately 175 degrees (75-80 celcius).

First, scoop the matcha powder into a sifter (we recommend about two bamboo scoops of matcha powder per bowl.)

Sift the matcha into the bowl, then add about
2-4 ounces (75-100ml) of water and whisk until frothy.

Preparing matcha is largely a matter of personal taste, so feel free to play around with these ratios to figure out what works best for you!

Matcha Lemonade

Mix 7oz (200ml) of water or orange juice with


1-2 grams (teaspoon) of Matcha


and the juice of half a lemon. 

Add ice cubes, sweeten if needed.

matcha latte3.jpg

Matcha Latte

Sift 1.5 teaspoons of Matcha powder into a cup.

Add 1 tablespoon of hot water and stir until smooth.


Stir in 2 teaspoons of maple syrup and add 3/4 cup hot plant milk and it’s ready to drink!

Matcha Iced Tea

Add 8oz (250ml) of plant milk, 1 teaspoon of matcha, 1 teaspoon of vanilla (sugar) and ice cubes in a bottle or blender.


Shake the bottle or blend it and enjoy this refreshing and energizing drink.

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Get Creative

If you like to cook and know your way around a kitchen,


there are a TON of awesome ways to


incorporate Matcha into hearty main dishes, desserts, snacks, smoothies and more.

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